Idle Pixel Crush – Ball Crush APK

Idle Pixel Crush – Ball Crush APK

DESCRIPTION:Idle Pixel Crush APK is an amazing game. Download this app on your smartphone to play. Here you will crush different objects fall on the double toothed roller crushing machine by clicking on the buttons. To crush various objects tap on the switch button, moreover, you can increase the game speed, tooth size, and gear tooth count.

Idel Pixel Crush Features:Easy to Play.

Endless gameplay.

Offline Playing.

Abundant choices of upgrading and boosting.

Idel Pixel Crush Additional Information:

Name: Idle Pixel Crush-Ball Crush

Package: com.crush.idle.ball.vegapro

File Size:21.12 MB

Current Version: 1.33

Developed By: Pixel Game.

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