Win Launcher – metro look smart APK

Win Launcher APK is the best launcher of 2018 which contains various features, designs, and stylish icons. This launcher keeps your phone tidy & clean and offers user interface design which gives the user to easily and better interactive control experience.  Moreover, Long press on the tile to customize, drag-drop, delete and realize. Organize the app by creating folders using drag-drop tiles. You access all app by just left swipe. Just Download and have a try.

Incredibly faster & smarter:Win launcher 2018 gives users extremely fast and smarter handling experience with simple smooth and faster animation effects on the user interface.

Win Launcher Elegant look:It contain 20+ beautiful mobile themes.

Win Launcher Personalization:It offers 160 colors which are dominant, more muted, fancy mixing warm and cooler colors to provide your phone and elegant look. Apart from that, it provides 22 worldwide international languages for good experience.

Win launcher Customize Tile:It allow the users to decorate the home screen as they like.

Win launcher Animation:Launcher provides you faster and smoother animation for better user interaction.

Win Launcher Drag & Drop Feature:Long press on the screen to perform Drag and drop option and create a folder by dropping tile on another tile.

Win launcher Easier Access Feature:It provides you a very easier way to access all apps by just left swipe where you can get full app information, uninstall the app and pin app to home screen.

Pin Apps to Launcher Home Screen:You can pin a various app to launcher home screen by just long press on the app in app list.

Win Launcher Highlights : Win launcher provides 20 unique and wonderful themes.
You can customize tiles by long press on it.
View all apps installed in mobile by just left swipe
160 Color available for customizing tiles color, background color etc.
Smooth and clean UI
Easy to create a folder by just drag and drop tile on another tile.
Win launcher Folder feature – Easy to group your favorite apps within a folder.
Rename folder.
Remove folder by long press on it.
Easy to change themes.
Easy to set a background color or wallpaper of your choice.
Pin apps as tiles to your home screen by just long press on the app in app list.
Change the tile transparency.
Replace tile app with another app appear on the home screen by long press on the tile.
Resize tiles by long press on a tile.
Smoother and faster animations.
Resize and Reposition tiles by long press and then dragging.
Uninstall app by just long press on the app in the app list.

Additional Information:

Name: Win Launcher 2018-metro look smart.

Package: com.lwsipl.winlauncher.

Version:1.5Size:3.35 MB

Developed By: lwsoftipl Apps.

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