Check out AmazingText, our new app that makes your home screen more beautiful, special and personalized!
Create powerful widgets for your home screen with Launch-X!

Check out our latest icons packs for Launch-X, ADW Launcher, Go Launcher, and LauncherPro:

  • Neon Blue Icons Pack
  • Neon Blue+ Icons Pack
  • Paper Icons Pack
  • Neon Purple Icons Pack
  • Neon Green Icons Pack.

Launcher X Features:

  • NEW: Icons packs support – use the tons of icons packs/themes already available for ADW Launcher (EX), LauncherPro and GO Launcher (EX) with Launch-X.
  • NEW: Custom icons – you can set a custom icon for each item in your Launch-X widget. It can be an icons pack icon, gallery picture or an icon from other apps that support ‘pick icon’ (e.g. DroidIcon).
  • Unlimited widgets: you can create and configure as many Launch-X widgets as you need.
  • Widget sizes: you can choose among several widget sizes (2×1, 4×1, 4×2, …)
  • Scrollable widgets
  • Stack widgets: since Android 3.0 you can create stack widgets, in which you can swipe up/down to scroll through screens.
  • Items types: the items that can be added to Launch-X are applications, contacts or generic shortcuts. A shortcut for a contact can start a call, send a message/SMS or open the contact itself.
  • Items order: You can easily sort your items as you want, with simple drag-and-drop.
  • Icon size: the available sizes for the icons are “Small”, “Medium”, “Large” and “X-Large”.
  • The number of icons: each row can have from 1 up to 7 icons.
  • The number of rows: each widget can have from 1 up to 4 rows.
  • Screen selection method: you can choose to use the arrows buttons to navigate through screens, or the direct buttons (which allow quicker access to the desired screen). You can also select ‘None’ to have a single screen with more available space.
  • Show/hide items names
  • Background/buttons transparency: select your preferred background and buttons transparency.
  • Backup/restore: backup your widgets to the SD card and restore them when needed.

 Limitations of the FREE version:

  • A number of icons in each row: Launch-X Pro allows to have up to 7 icons in each row. The free version up to 5.
  • A number of rows: Launch-X Pro allows to have up to 4 rows in each screen. The free version is limited to 3.
  • A number of screens: In Launch-X Pro you can have up to 7 screens. Launch-X Free is limited to 2.
  • Background opacity: In Launch-X Pro you can hide the widget background by setting the opacity to 0%. The free version has a minimum opacity of 60%.
  • A number of items: Launch-X FREE is limited to 35 items per widget.

Size : 1.7M
Current Version : 1.9.8
Requires Android : 1.6 and up

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