ANDROID 2.3 LAUNCHER from latest android gingerbread branch. Get latest launcher without waiting or rooting your device. You can find my paid version by scrolling down to bottom and click “View more applications” to buy the paid version, thanks!


  • Pure Google Experience, Refined look and feel from Gingerbread.
  • Choose between 2D / 3D apps drawer. (see #1)
  • High-quality wallpaper from Nexus S
  • Add eclair (2.1) backward compatibility (Testing)
  • 3D app drawer only work on the following condition currently
  • 3D capable device (RenderScript capable and multi-context support)
  • 480*800(most mid to high-end android device) or 480*854(Milestone/Droid or other mid-to-high end devices)
  • Android 2.2 Aka. Froyo

How to open launcher settings:

Long press your home screen and click “Launcher settings” in the “Add to home screen” dialog to open launcher settings.

This is a free version, if you do like this app, please buy “Android 2.3 Launcher (Home) +” to support my work, thanks!

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