ACOS Launcher APK is the smallest and fastest launcher with Airdrop, Boost, Save more power & Search easily, which is the only launcher with file transmission function as airdrop. Unlike other launchers (GO, NEXT, NOVA, APEX, SOLO, Smart, ios, etc) which are loaded with lots a visual eye-candies and hardly any useful features, we believe Simple is Beautiful. ACOS Launcher is the only 2MB, making it quick to download and easy to install. ACOS launcher fully understands your habits and customizes your Apps organization; it helps you to search everything easily on your phone or on the Internet. With it, you can also get nearby service quickly.

 ACOS Launcher provides:

  • Better user experience: Make your phone can be used easier, faster and more convenient.

    Get information & service fast: Help you to find local Apps, Contacts, SNS, videos, pictures, files, service nearby quickly and easily.

  • Speed up your device: Clear up background apps that waste lots of power & memory, which makes your phone faster and smoother, also, extend your battery time.
  • Manage your apps wisely: Intelligently categorize your apps, quickly search and find recently used apps, and discover popular apps nearby.
  • Personalization: Use hundreds of themes, HD wallpapers and cut scenes to make your phone customized and unique.
  • Share with your friends: File transmission, as airdrop, allows you to share apps without USB, Internet, and network flow.

ACOS Launcher Main Features:

  • Intelligent Search – Helps you to get Apps, Contacts, SMS, and Websites quickly, also, it supports fuzzy search.
  • Nearby Service – Provides an easy way to get nearby service, including Food, Hotels, Shopping, Parking, Sight Spots, etc.
  • ACOS Transmission – Share your favorite Apps with your friends immediately.
  • ACOS Boost – Clears and boosts memory and background Apps in one tap, which lets you enjoy the better experience of playing games and using Apps.
  • Personalize – Customize your phone, make it more stylish and more personalization.
  • Smart Folders – Tidy up your messy Apps quickly through big data and user’s habit.
  • Intercept – It helps you to intercept shortcuts that are formed by Apps, and then classify them into the smart folder automatically to make sure your desktop is tidy and clean.
  • All Apps – Sort Apps from A to Z, help you to find Apps fast.
  • Frequently-used Apps – Place the frequently-used Apps on your home screen, so they can be launched faster.
  • Weather Forecast – It helps you to view weather of the following 5 days quickly.
  • ACOS Tools – ACOS toolbox is filled with an assortment of useful widgets: search, weather, calculator, calendar, etc.
  • Hide Apps – Protect your privacy by swiping up with two fingers to hide apps you don’t want to be displayed on your desktop.
  • Gestures – A lot of features that you can do by gestures will significantly improve your speed and productivity.
  • One-Hand Mode – Your phone will be never too big with One-Hand Mode.
  • Charging Accelerator – Optimize phone environment to speed up charging.
  • Screen Lock – Turn off your screen with just one touch.
  • App Lock – Lock your APPs, which intelligently protecting your privacy safe.

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